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hair extensions

This right here is what gets me excited in the mornings!

I have installed well over a thousand heads of extensions and I still get a little teary eyed when I turn you around and see your face when you finally see your finished look! (hey, don't laugh)

first  things first

Extensions can transform your hair from "just okay" to AMAZING.   It's not always about having longer hair, sometimes you just want fullness, or color without commitment or compromising the integrity of your natural hair.  Whatever your dream hair may be! To me, extensions are the most transformational service in the salon and one of the reasons why it is trending so hard in the beauty world.

Every Extension appointment requires a consultation appointment prior to installation for new guests. I only use 100% Remy human hair with the cuticle still intact.  It has been naturally treated by hand to give you the best quality for the price. The hair will last 1-3 applications, depending on how well you maintain the hair.  And as always, your consultation is complimentary.

During your Extension Consultation appointment we will discuss your hair goals and decide what Extension method and type would be best for you based on your lifestyle, the type of hair you have, what type of time between maintenance appointments you want, as well as what you would like to achieve with Extensions.  We will go over these, in depth, during your consultation to make sure you have the best fit for you. But this will give you some information so you're not coming in blind and you have a little bit of an idea of what to expect.

We will also discuss the proper at home maintenance as well as the in salon maintenance. Pricing will be included in the consultation. Before you leave the appointment a deposit will be required to secure/book your installation appointment. 



This is a general pricing guide that tends to suit most hair types. For an exact price quote, you must submit an extension consult form or book an in person extension consult.

Pricing includes hair purchase, install, cut to blend, and style.


Beaded Weft Extensions

Another new method hitting the airways hard! It is my most popular at the moment, as it is good for most hair types and doesn't require heat or chemicals to attach. The weft is attached by stitching it onto a track/foundation of aluminum beads on the natural hair.

In my opinion this has th most comfortable grow out for the wearer. It lasts 6-10 weeks before maintenance is required. And the hair can be reused 1-3 applications or more if following proper at home maintenance.

to add length - $850

to add fullness - $550


Flat-tip/Beaded + Fusion

The Flat-tip or beaded method is very popular, as it is good for most hair types and doesn't require heat or chemicals to attach. The extensions is attached by an aluminum bead onto the hair strand and has full 360 degree mobility.  It lasts 2-3 months before maintenance is required. And the hair can be reused 1-3 applications.

The Fusion method is a good option for clients with thin hair, as it can be customized to smaller bonds. The extension is safely fused around the natural hair strand so it is nearly undetectable. With this method the hair cannot be reused.

to add length - $850

to add fullness - $500


Tape Extensions

This method gained popularity fast, as it is the most universal method. It is the quickest method to install but does require maintenance the soonest at 5 - 7 weeks.

The hair is installed by taping it onto your natural hair . Don't worry it is safe for your hair. (I wore this method myself for years) This is also the best method for someone with shorter hair. The hair can be reused 1-3 applications.

to add length - $750

to add fullness - $450

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal candidate for extensions: Everyone is a potential candidate. It all depends on what their desired look is. The one thing that I think is important for blending, is the top layer of your hair to be at least chin length or longer. Not to say that means you can’t get them, but it will require a higher level of styling experience.

How often should you wash your hair: I recommend washing 1-3 times per week using sulfate-free products. It’s important to remove build up that occurs from natural oil production + styling products. To maintain a healthy scalp, make sure that your hair is fully dry throughout the extensions before going to sleep.

Do extensions cause breakage, balding or thinning: As long as the extensions are installed properly, maintained + removed properly there is no damage! It’s my job to understand the state of your natural hair + determine how + which method is best for you. But it is your job to take care of them while you’re not in my chair. So yes, it can, but I give you guidance + education to ensure those things don’t happen.

Can I bring my own hair for you to install: Unfortunately, no. I cannot guarantee the quality or know the true source of the extensions unless they are directly purchased through me.

What do I need to know about styling my extensions: You can wash, blow-dry, straighten or curl, just like your regular hair! All my extension guests receive a how-to care guide, but here’s some key tips: (1) Make sure you brush morning, night + before washing, so they don’t tangle. (2) Use salon products that are paraben + sulfate free, no to low alcohol content, and lightweight. (3) Keep the heat settings on your hot tools + dryers on med/low.

Can you see the extensions: I offer 4 types of extension methods that can all be seamless + undetectable. They’re all installed in a way that allows your natural hair to cover the wefts whether you style it up or down. It truly depends on the method used, the density of your hair, how you style your hair, as well as the length of your natural hair that makes them seamless.

Can you swim with them: Ocean water + Chlorine from swimming pools can potentially decrease the life span of your extensions. It can dry out the hair, leading to matting issues, as well as tint or strip the color of your extensions. If you still plan on getting your hair wet, I have steps in my hair care sheet that can help.

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