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new hair!

In order to protect and lengthen the life of your hair, 

I recommend the following tips.

Your extensions will thank you later!



+ Do not wash your hair for 24-48 hours after installation. 

+ Brush hair to remove any tangles and to prevent tangling B E F O R E showering.

+ Use a SULFATE FREE shampoo + conditioner to prolong your hair color and extensions.  Making sure to keep the water temps low.

+ Use Moisture adding products. Avoid products containing protein. {things labeled keratin, reparative etc.}

+ Gently shampoo all of your natural hair, and in between your rows as well.
+ Do not scrub vigorously. We suggest a double shampoo to fully clean the hair.

+ Rinse well. Do not leave any product behind.

+ Apply conditioner mid-length down, avoid placing on the root/bond area. For even distribution,  use a wide tooth comb and brush the conditioner through your hair and extensions.

+ Rinse well. Do not leave any product behind.

+ Only wash 2-3 times each week adding a weekly mask to strengthen + nourish your hair.

If you are struggling stretching your wash days out try using a Dry Shampoo to absorb the excess oils. {avoid spraying directly on the bonds/point of attachment} Or wearing your hair in braids, pulled up or, my favorite, a half up top knot!


PRO TIP: try to avoid touching your hair throughout the day. The oils/lotion on your hands can add more oil to your hair.

Shampoo + Conditioners + Masks:

AMIKA Soulfood Mask  /  AMIKA Normcore Shampoo +Conditioner /  THE WIZARD detaingler / A I I R  Jade Oil / OLAPLEX No. 8


Keep the temperature down on all your tools - 330-350 is perfect.

+ If you need a higher heat on your natural hair you can raise the temperature when you finish   styling the extensions.

+That goes for your hair dryer too ladies! Medium/low heat only, too high of heat will boil the   water in your strands and cause unnecessary damage.

+If possible, let air dry, making sure the tops of the wefts are dry with the dryer and then   letting the lengths air dry. 

+ ALWAYS use a Heat Protectant!

+ Avoid using styling products (like mousse + gel) with alcohol listed in the top 5 ingredients. They can be drying to your hair/extensions.

Styling + Heat/UV Protectants + Dry Shampoo:

Donna Bella Hair Waver  /  A I I R Texture Aiir  /  THE WIZARD detaingler  /  PERK UP dry shampoo


+ Do Not sleep with your hair wet. Always make sure it is fully dried.

+ Pull into a loose pony tail, braid(s) or high bun before going to bed, using a silk scrunchie.

+ Adding a silk pillow case will help keep your hair (+ skin) smooth too! 

+ Make sure to use your Extension brush, at the root, morning and night. And your Wet Brush on the ends throughout the day. 

Extra tips

+ SPF isn't only for your skin...the sun can do damage on your hair too! Like make your hair/extensions dry + brittle and fade your beautiful color.

+ Always make sure that when you're going to be spending a lot of time outside (even on cloudy days) you are adding a UV protectant into your routine. 


+ Make sure it is absorbed into your skin before letting your hair down. 

+TO SWIM: Coat with leave in conditioner + water from mids to ends, then style your hair into braids or a tight bun.

+ The conditioner will create a barrier between your hair and the water. And the braids/bun will keep it together so you want have any tangles.

Adding a filter to your shower head cuts down on minerals that can be harsh for your hair.

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