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Extension Care at the Beach+Pool

So, I personally don’t like to get my hair wet when I swim. Not only do I have my extensions to worry about but I have to think about my color too. AND I dread having to wash my hair more than necessary lol. No-one wants to have to wash their hair 4 or 5 times on vacation…no ones got time for that commitment. Oh, is that just me?! But for real!

One exception I make is if we are going snorkeling. In that case, I make sure that I am taking the proper precautions to not have any mishaps with my extensions…

First thing is to wet your hair with regular water and spray with leave in conditioner. Then put in a tight pony then braid it! This will make sure that your hair will not get tangled in the waves. The conditioner will create a barrier between your hair and the water, not letting your extensions soak up the salt/chlorinated water.

Always brush out before shampooing. If there are any tangles, we don’t want them to get worse during the wash. Apply a deep conditioner and brush through in shower. (Olaplex No. 8 is one of my favorites right now)

After washing, apply a hydrating serum too ends. And remember DO NOT SLEEP WITH WET HAIR!

Some things you want to make sure you are NOT doing…

Swimming with a loose or messy bun, loose braids or leave it down. This can end in a tangled mess and you don’t want to be on your vacation scrambling to find a salon that can salvage your hair. (Trust me, I see it ALL. THE. TIME. On hair forums :/ )

And lastly, not washing/rinsing immediately after.

That’s it! Nothing too hard to manage and you will thank me when your extensions don’t get ruined.

If you have any tips you’ve found that work good let us all know in the comments!

Happy vacationing :)

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