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Go to products to maintain your extensions at home!

What is one thing that makes your daily routine with Extensions easier? (beyond the normal hair products like dry shampoo, serums, etc.)

We know the at home care with extensions….we talk about it at your consultation, during your appointment and then again in the email after you’re installation too. But what is that one thing you have that you can’t go without. I’m talking about the first thing you pack in your suitcase when goin on a trip.

Here are a few of my favorite things I can live without….(and I’m sure I have raved about these while you were in the Suite too lol)

I have told so many of you about these hair ties! Heck, I've given a few of them out to you if I had some extras in my bag. But they are a game changer! They hold + don't pull on your hair and break it off! AND they don't break!!

The next item - Silk or Satin Pillow Case - has a few pros when you start using it....When it comes to your hair it keeps it smooth + minimize hair breakage and loss. It creates less friction to maintain hair moisture + stops frizz. Switching to these also help protect your skin from creating sleep lines that often become deep wrinkles over time.

The final thing I CANNOT go without (seriously, I get so mad at myself when I forget it traveling :/ ) is a G O O D shower cap! These are one of my favorite brands to use.

Kitsch shower caps are, not only cute, but they are functional. They hold their shape, have a flexible shape + are waterproof. This is the only way I can stretch my wash days out so far! If I get a lot of moisture in my hair then it gets oily faster + looses the curl quick. Wearing a good shower cap ensures that doesn't happen!

I'm sure this list will continue to grow as I keep talking to all of you! I mean, how else do you shop these days without your girlfriends sharing things with you or IG lol.

Leave your favorites in the comments so we can grab them to try too :)

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