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Sunscreen + Hair Extensions

We all know it is so important to protect our skin with sunscreen, but now that you are an extension babe, it’s important to make sure you are using the right sunscreen.

Some sunscreens have Avobenzone, which we want to avoid for the safety of your hair extensions. This chemical is added too many sunscreens to block UVA rays, but it breaks down quickly when exposed to the sun. So they have to add Octocrylene to slow down that process. When your hair extensions (especially blonde shades) are exposed to these it can cause discoloration to your hair, leaving peachy/pink tones that are near impossible to remove. And I don’t want you to have to purchase new hair prematurely when we can just easily switch up our sunscreen to avoid the mishap! *Also those sunscreens aren't the best for you it's a win, win :)*

Here are a few options that are Hair Extension Safe….

Here are all the options on Amazon --> Avobenzone Free sunscreens

Now go check those sunscreen bottles, or if you're like me, just buy a new bottle every year!

Happy Summer Babes *

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